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Amelia Earhart is remembered as a pioneer aviator whose inspiration on other people is second to none. She has a record as being a determined woman during the course of her career. However, Amelia disappeared in 1937 as she tried to fly around the globe. Such disappearance left a very big impact on the lives of the people who had known Amelia during her time. In spite of the fact that her career did not last a decade, Earhart was able to achieve a lot of things with one of them being pioneering commercial aviation along with her advocacy to advance women aviators.

Nowadays, Amelia Earhart is seen as a symbol of fascination as far as American aviation is concerned. Her exploration in the air earned Amelia a national celebrity title. In fact, the whole of her life was composed of restless quality in one way or the other. For example, in 1928, Earhart was working as a social worker especially during her spare time. Later on her name went on records as having been the first woman to fly the Atlantic.

Amelia Earhart later turned her flying hobby to be a career that was paying off. She became the vice president of the airline industry along with being an author and lecturer. In 1931 Amelia married Putnam who helped to manage her flying career and helped her ascend to the post of president in the Ninety-Nines which was an organization formed by women pilots. However, she did not have any plans of having children as this would affect her career greatly.

From the foregoing it is evident that passion in flying had become an integral part of Amelia‚Äôs life. Everything in her lifetime revolved around piloting. She had been a career counselor and aviation consultant Purdue University which gave her a Lockheed Electra as an appreciation of devoted service. Amelia disappeared in 1937 after her plane crashed while she was taking off on a flight around the globe. Amelia’s Book ” The Fun of it

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